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A Dolphin's Tale
By: Jack McClintock

Mote researchers have collected information on the ordinary lives and deaths of thousands of dolphins, creating a trove of scientific data that is unmatched anywhere.

A Special Message from Mote

This summer has been difficult for sea turtles. With our usual funding sources unavailable, Mote is reaching out for your help.

A Whale Shark of a Summer
By: Hayley Rutger

Unexpected numbers of whale sharks drop-in for dinner.

Corporate Spotlight: SRQ Media

Mote is pleased to continue a valued partnership with SRQ Media Group in 2009.

Corporate Spotlight: Verizon

"Ocean Literacy Watersheds to Estuaries to the Oceans," supported by the Verizon Foundation, is helping teachers guide students on their connections to the sea.

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Mote Marine Laboratory has been a leader in marine research since it was founded in 1955. Today, we incorporate public outreach as a key part of our mission. Mote is an independent nonprofit organization and has seven centers for marine research, the public Mote Aquarium and an Education Division specializing in public programs for all ages.

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