Sharktoberfest - Underwater Pumpkin Carving
Duration: 3:18

Happy Halloween from Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Join us Oct. 22, 2010 for a night of Fish, Fun and Fright and see our signature underwater pumpkin carving.

Fish, Fun and Fright
Duration: 30

Buoys and ghouls of all ages are invited to dress up in costume for a Night of Fish, Fun and Fright from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010, at Mote Aquarium. Sail the spooky seas and discover creatures from the deep in a safe and fun trick-or-treating zone and explore our haunted house, “Shipwreck on City Island.” Unearth shark teeth in “Coffin Creek” and enjoy deep sea delights in the “Diner of the Dead.” And don’t miss our signature underwater pumpkin carving in our spooktacular shark tank!

Admission is $6 per person. Mote Members pay $5 per person. Children younger than 4 admitted free.

Fish Venting
Learn how to vent a fish.

Gilly Gets a New Look
Duration: 1:11
Mote Mascot Gilly the Shark undergoes a metamorphic change.

Wii-Mote Sharks
Duration: 5:00

Mote researcher Dr. Nick Whitney is attaching a Wii-like sensor to sharks to study their movement patterns.
Click here to learn more about Dr. Whitney or here to read more about his research.

Leatherback Sea Turtle
Duration: 2:09 minutes

On Jan. 7, 2010, Mote staff and volunteers returned Lizzy the leatherback sea turtle to the Gulf of Mexico. (Special thanks to Tampa Fire Rescue for providing footage of Lizzy's release from Fireboat Patriot.) Click here to read a companion article about Lizzy.

Vicki Lee Returned to the Sea
Duration: 4:00 min

"Vicki Lee," a loggerhead sea turtle first tagged 21 years ago by Mote Marine Laboratory scientists, returned to the Gulf of Mexico recently after rehabbing at Mote. You can help sick sea turtles by making a donation to our animal hospitals now.

Vicki Lee Returns to the Sea

Make Memories at Mote
Duration: 00:30

Visitor Information.

Kids Care About Coral Reefs
Duration: 30 sec
They Say the Darndest Things... Kids Talk Coral

Harvesting Caviar at Mote Aquaculture Park
Duration: 5:00
Mote was the first in Florida to harvest caviar from aquacultured sturgeon.

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