Dolphin and Whale Hospital at Mote

Photo of Ginger before release by Marc Ellis,

Mote has been rehabbing dolphins and whales at our Sarasota, Fla.-based facilities since 1992. At Mote, our goal is to provide the most humane treatment possible for live-stranded dolphins and whales, while also creating a better scientific understanding of these animals and their needs to support conservation of these species in the wild.

Ginger (pictured above) came to Mote after stranding on a Florida beach. While in Mote's care, specially trained volunteers and staff spent 1,320 hours monitoring Ginger's condition, providing vital information to the medical team about her progress. Ginger also ate nearly 4,000 live pinfish that's 35 pinfish fed five times a day at about $1 per fish. She was released to the wild in February 2009 and staff members from the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program continue to see her in the wild to this day.

Currently, Mote is taking care of a stranded dolphin nicknamed "Edna." She is being monitored around the clock by staff and a team of specially trained volunteers. (Click here for Edna's story.)

Medications and tests for sick animals can be costly, and donations play a key role in supporting Mote's ability to respond to injured and sick wild animals, bring them to our hospitals for treatment, monitor their conditions upon return to the wild and understand their daily lives there.

Helping marine animals and protecting the environment truly requires a team effort from scientists and veterinarians to volunteers and donors who support Mote Marine Laboratory's mission. Thank you for your support!

Sand dollars just can't help dolphins
Unfortunately, sand dollars just aren't enough to pay for the care of sick dolphins and whales. If they could, we'd be scouring the beaches from dawn 'til dusk. Your contributions to the Dolphin and Whale Hospital will ensure that Mote can continue to care for the marine animals that need our help. 

Photo of Ginger breaching after release by Marc Ellis,
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