Mote Aquaculture Park

Mote Marine Laboratory recognized the need to develop and increase domestic aquaculture production. To achieve this goal, Mote Scientific Foundation purchased 200 acres of land in 2001 to be developed into the Mote Aquaculture Park (MAP). In 2006, ownership of MAP was transferred to Mote Marine Laboratory.  The Park will eventually serve as a site where the public can learn about and appreciate aquaculture at a visitorís center and fish for reared aquaculture species in a constructed fishing pond.

The Park includes facilities for Moteís aquaculture programs, including the Marine & Freshwater Aquaculture Research Program and the Sturgeon Program. More than 125,000 square feet of freshwater and marine production facilities have been constructed at MAP. These facilities contain state-of-the-art research, pilot- and commercial-scale recirculating production systems.

Florida Keys Tropical Research Laboratory

Situated in the heart of the Lower Keys and only 24 miles from Key West, Mote's Tropical Research Laboratory is a fully equipped marine science facility dedicated to marine research and education in the Florida Keys.  The coral culture facilities at this lab include an environmentally controlled, recirculating coral culture laboratory and several outdoor raceway systems for expanded coral production.




About Us

Mote Marine Laboratory has been a leader in marine research since it was founded in 1955. Today, we incorporate public outreach as a key part of our mission. Mote is an independent nonprofit organization and has seven centers for marine research, the public Mote Aquarium and an Education Division specializing in public programs for all ages.

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