The Protect Our Reefs Grant Program

A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Protect Our Reefs license plates is available through Grants to support research, education (and outreach), and conservation efforts that deal directly with the preservation of Florida's coral reefs.

When you purchase a Protect Our Reefs license plate you are helping preserve the future of Florida's coral reefs. Funds from the license plate directly help support Mote's coral reef research as well as a grant program for Florida-based non-profits focusing on coral reef research, education and conservation.

Now in its ninth year, the Protect Our Reefs Grants Program has provided $2.8 million in funding support for 114 projects, including studies published in top peer-reviewed journals like Science.

Protect Our Reefs Grant Program Information

Where's the reef?
Without your help, this could become a too-familiar cry in years to come. So support our efforts to shore up reef ecosystems. Mote lab studies and fieldwork both depend on your donations.
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