Erich Bartels

Title: Staff Scientist; Program Manager — Coral Reef Science and Monitoring Program

Phone: 305-745-2729

B.S. Biological Oceanography, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida


C.V. Palmer, E.S. McGinty, D.J. Cummings, S.M. Smith, E. Bartels, and L.D. Mydlarz (2011) Patterns of coral ecological immunology: variation in the responses of Caribbean corals to elevated temperature and a pathogen elicitor.  Journal of Experimental Biology 214:4240-4249

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Schopmeyer, S. A., Lirman, D., Bartels, E., Byrne, J., Gilliam, D. S., Hunt, J., Johnson, M. E., Larson, E. A., Maxwell, K., Nedimyer, K. and Walter, C. (2011), In Situ Coral Nurseries Serve as Genetic Repositories for Coral Reef Restoration after an Extreme Cold-Water Event. Restoration Ecology. doi: 10.1111/j.1526-100X.2011.00836.x

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Shank, G.C., R.G. Zepp, A. Vähätalo, R. Lee, E. Bartels (2010) Photobleaching   kinetics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter derived from mangrove leaf litter and floating Sargassum colonies.  Marine Chemistry 119:162–171.

Shank, G.C., R. Lee, A. Vähätalo, R.G. Zepp, E. Bartels (2010) Production of chromophoric dissolved organic matter from mangrove leaf litter and floating Sargassum colonies.  Marine Chemistry 119:172–181.

Cervino, J.M., F.L. Thompson, B. Gomez-Gil, E.A. Lorence, T.J. Goreau, R.L. Hayes, K.B. Winiarski-Cervino, G.W. Smith, K. Hughen, E. Bartels (2008) The Vibrio core group induces yellow band disease in Caribbean and Indo-Pacific reef-building corals.  Journal of Applied Microbiology.  105(5): 1658 – 1671.

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Stabenau, E., R.G. Zepp, E. Bartels, and R.G. Zika (2004)  Role of seagrass (Thalassia testudinum) as a source of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in coastal south Florida.  Marine Ecology Progress Series.  282:59-72.

Anderson, T.W., C.T. Bartels, M.A. Hixon, E. Bartels, M.H. Carr, and J.M. Shenker (2002)  Current velocity and catch efficiency in sampling settlement stage larvae of coral reef fishes.  Fisheries Bulletin.  100(3):404 413.

Department: Directorate of Marine Biology & Conservation

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